The Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program

Initiative: Youth Entrepreneurship Program

organised by Universidad Loyola

The deadline for application for the 2024 edition is: April 1st, 2024


The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is a training program for curious minds to learn about business opportunities in food and health and provide them with the knowledge and tools to validate business ideas in both sectors.  The Program will give students of different backgrounds and countries the opportunity to network in a multicultural and international environment

Join the Program if you are eager to boost your entrepreneurial skills and apply them to your country’s food and health sector and across Europe!

Key features

The program is designed to empower students to get a general knowledge about innovations happening in the food and health sectors and to be able to create new business models and, eventually, build start-ups.

The Program is structured as follows: 



The Program is for you if:

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is open to: 

Program Delivery (agenda):


If you have any questions about the program you can reach us at: