The Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program


Research Infrastructure Commercialisation Academy

organized by Lodz University of Technology
supported by the University of Warsaw

Deadline application for 2023 edition: closed


The RIC Academy is a capacity-building program designed to support aspiring managers and scientists working in publicly funded research infrastructure related to the agri-food sector. It provides participants with highly interactive training and dedicated support by agrifood research and innovation management experts based on best commercialisation practices, tools and techniques to enhance their research infrastructure's commercial use and visibility, identify potential partners and stimulate the science-industry collaboration. It aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to provide innovation support to local or regional stakeholder communities, notably startups and SMEs, build cross-border cooperation, and draw the attention of the national and international key agrifood industry players to their research infrastructure capacities and opportunities. 

Phase 2 organized by Lodz University of Technology

The second phase of the RIC Academy will be delivered by the experts in agrifood/health research and innovation management from Lodz University of Technology that were trained and mentored during the first phase of the RIC Academy by the experts from the University of Warsaw. The programme supports HEI’s academic and non-academic staff involved in the management and commercialisation of research infrastructures (RIs) representing Perrotis College, Greece and Marmara University, Turkey. The participants will attend 7 days of online classes and workshops during which they will enhance the research infrastructure, commercial use and visibility, identify potential agrifood partners and stimulate the science-industry collaboration. 

The last phase of RIC Academy program will support academic an nonacademic staff from Loyola University, Spain as well as from the Lodz University of Technology, Poland. Highly interactive training will be focused on commercialization of research infrastructure to boost their entrepreneurial skills. The participants will gain the knowledge on the needs of agrifood sector relevant to their equipment and understand the demands of the industry

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The Program is for all interested in the following:

The RIC Academy is open to all players from RIS countries (link)

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